Steam Fish Head @ Chan Sow Lin

Highly recommended by my brother, he said the restaurant just open for weekday lunch time only.. According to my brother, many people like to eat here because of their traditional cook style.. Original taste..

When you go there, you will need to prepare more tissue because is very hot there.. You will sweat when you dining there.. There just have few big fan only.. The environment as below with open kitchen:-

Fish stomach + 'Yu Pui' - the fish stomach taste like sotong, 'song song' with some sauce

100 % Kampung chicken - is very 'ang', as my dad said kampung chicken is hard to eat as the chicken have exercise more (run around) so it will have the original chicken taste.. kampung feel gua..

Steam Fish Head - it fresh and yummy eat with their fish sauce.. Need to book more early if you go around 1pm, if not will need to try next time lo...

Steam Fish Head with their special sauce (tradisional style) - Yummy eat with rice

Operation Time:
Weekday (Mon-Fri) for Lunch Time only.

From Jalan Tun Razak heading towards Sg Besi, keep left after you see BHP petol station and immediately turn left at the junction just after a workshop.
You may see some aunties/uncles waving their hands to direct you to the parking, and they collect RM2 from you for parking alongside the road.


MY Life Zone said...

the one i try i think is different shop but still the same area.. there are few shops selling the same thing rite?

Sunnie Chin said...

I not sure about that.. Hehe.. Is recommanded by my bro.. So have a try lo..